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Pinup will be launching December 1st!


What's Coming? is a communication and collaboration platform that providing a unique place of privacy for individuals or groups to participate in shared tasks, discussions, file sharing, whiteboard drawing and HD video conferencing. is a simple to use, flexible tool, enabling individuals or teams to communicate and share information in many formats.

Founded in Houston Texas in 2008, Pty Limited is privately held with headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

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The team at is dedicated, diverse and experienced. We understand how important it is to provide easy to use and flexible services for our clients so they achieve the best possible results.

We bring you together in a virtual meeting place providing you the best communication platform to meet your needs. Distance will no longer separate you from your family, friends or colleagues. will keep you informed about any new enhancements which will enable you to communicate with the important people in your life in the most effiecent, effective and fun loving way.